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More October Announcements


New Taipei Museum of Art Design Competition
Sponsor: Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Type: 1 stage, Expression of interest
First prize - project commission
Second prize - NTD $2.5 million
Third prize - NTD $1.5 million
Fourth-sixth place - NTD $1 million each
Submission Deadline: 14 January 2015
Design Challenge: In recent years, the New Taipei City Government and civil societies have focused on building facilities and cultural features to preserve the cultural source of local arts. Since 2008, the plan of building the New Taipei City Museum of Art, which targets are integrating the arts and humanistic resources, intensifying arts and resources network, combining touristic resources and increasing the value and energy of tourism.
The functions of New Taipei Museum of Arts will be exhibition, education, promotion, and collection. Thus, the three missions of NTMoA are:
1. preserving and interpreting resources of new Taipei artists.
2. Honoring excellence of Taipei artists.
3. Promoting new Taipei art.
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Breaking New Ground: Designing Affordable Housing for the Coachella Valley Workforce
Sponsor: The California Endowment
Location: Coachella Valley, California
Type: International, 1 stage (student round), 2 stage (open round)
Open Division - The goal of the Open Division is to produce an implementable proposal for a housing community that can and will be realized.
Individuals, firms, or teams from around the world comprised of architects and professionals from allied fields. Teams may also include students and faculty from architecture and other disciplines.
Student Division - The goal of the Student Division is to produce comprehensive proposals that address the full scope of competition issues with a greater emphasis on creativity and less emphasis on short-term implementation.
The Student Division is open to high school or college students and faculty from around the world who are currently registered in an educational institution. Faculty may participate only as part of a student-led team.
Entry fees:
Open Division - $175
Student division - free
Awards: A total of $350,000 USD in prize money will be awarded to winning entries, finalists, and awards of merit.
Submission Deadline: December 2014
Design Challenge: Breaking New Ground is an international design and ideas competition addressing the urgent affordable housing needs of farmworker and service worker families in the Coachella Valley. Efforts to improve living conditions suffer from a lack of funding and coordination. The competition seeks to address this by harnessing the power of design to envision new precedents, mechanisms, and policies for affordable housing implementation and development, with implications for California and the nation.
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Katus Competition
Sponsor: Katus
Location: Svertingstad Gard, Norway; Ulenurme, Estonia
Type: Open, international, ideas
Development area in Norway:    
I prize 5,000€
II prize 3,500€
III prize 2,000€
Terrace house in Estonia:
I prize 4,000€
II prize 2,500€
III prize 1,500€
Submission Deadline: 26 January 2015
Design Challenge: 
We believe that this is a new way of looking at home construction. Ecological thinking and progressive technological solutions must go hand in hand with innovative architecture. We are collaborating with two well-known prefabricated home manufacturers: Kodumaja Ltd and Nurban Ltd, who have international experience of producing up to 14 storey apartment buildings and homes for hundreds of families.
Why can´t our best architects design progressive and contemporary houses that apply the principles of low cost and fast assembly without forgoing good design? We aim to do just this. Organizing a competition we widen a portfolio of well-thought and precisely designed home solutions, while encouraging our partners to promote contemporary architecture.
Competition has two development areas, first one in Svertingstad Gard, Norway and the second one in √úlenurme in Estonia. Topics are row (terraced) houses and apartment house, in different countries and different contexts.
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OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2015
Sponsor: OISTAT
Location: Berlin, Germany
Type: Open, student, 1 stage
Eligibility: Open to architects and students of schools of architecture. Collaborations between architects and other theatre practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students in those fields, will be welcomed, although it is not an essential requirement. Architects or students associated with members of the jury are not permitted to enter.
Entry fees: €50
First - €5,000
Second - €2,500
Third - €1,000
Registration and Submission Deadline: 27 March 2014
Design Challenge: 
The theme for the competition will be the design of a floating theatre to be moored at a particular location on the river Spree in Berlin, Germany, but capable of being moved to other sites on the river.
The floating theatre will provide a performance space for an audience of 200-300 people and backstage accommodation for a cast of no more than 20 performers. Facilities for the audience, such as foyer space, toilets and refreshment areas will be located on the land and will be temporary and easily moved to another location, when required. 
There is increasing interest amongst theatre practitioners in the use of temporary site specific locations to present particular productions. These settings can often provide a unique atmosphere, which resonates with a particular production or style of presentation, in a way which may not be possible in a conventional theatre. 
These are the themes to be explored in this competition.
Competitors are asked to design a theatre for a particular performance, which will be defined by the competitor. This may be a conventional performance or something more experimental. We wish to encourage a deeper understanding of the relationship between the performance itself and the space which it inhabits. Collaborations between architects and other theatre practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students in those fields, will be welcomed.
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